About Me

Professional organiser

Hi, I'm Sarah


I’ve always been described as my family and friends as an organiser – I love planning events, making lists and organising mine (and my family’s) diary! 

  As a wife and mum, I know that life can be busy. I know how stressful it can be when you can’t find your keys as you’re walking out the door or the annoyance of trying to find the lid to that Tupperware tub. I am a natural organiser but have needed to teach myself over the years how to be tidy in my own home in a way that makes the flow of the home most effective. 

It sounds simple but I’ve found the biggest secret can be summarised with the familiar phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place”. It really is so much easier to be tidy, efficient and relaxed at home if everything at home has its own place to go back to when we’ve finished with it. 

I am very familiar with the concept of minimalism and The Kon Marie method of tidying, but I am not a strict advocate of either approach. Instead, I prefer to take a balanced approach and work with the individual motivations and goals of a client (something which I bring from an academic background in Psychology and behaviour change).  

I am friendly, approachable and unjudgmental. During our time together I will be a calm coach and advisor. I will never suggest items for you to discard but I will work with you to identify which items are most important to you and items that may be taking up space.